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Deepen your practice with our Hatha / Vinyasa and Yin yoga workshops and Teacher Training Courses in Goa, India and Kraków, Poland


Group classes are a great way to keep your yoga practice regular and share your experience with others. But if you want to deepen your practice in a particular type of asana, vinyasa, yin yoga, pranayama, meditation or learn about anatomy, physiology or the history of yoga, workshops and courses will help you take your practice to the next level.

We encourage you to travel to India - the birthplace of yoga, for a more genuine experience of learning.

We specialize in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles, as well as in yoga anatomy and somatics (bodywork and movement methods that focus on internal physical perception and experience).


Check our schedule or contact us to organize a yoga workshop in your own location!

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Yoga Alliance accredited International Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in Goa, India and in Kraków, Poland.


Our International Teacher Training Courses (TTC) in India or in Poland are approved by the most most popular international organization Yoga Alliance. The accreditation combined with our extensive, international teaching experience give you a guarantee that you are making a wise investment in your qualifications. Please use the contact form to instantly receive the syllabus and prices. We currently offer four kinds of TTC: 


  • RYT200 Foundation TTC in Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga - 200h. This course prepares you to start teaching yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) in a safe and engaging way to a broad range of students.

  • RYT300 Advanced TTC in 5 Elements Yoga (Yin, Somatics, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mindfulness) - 300h (only for graduates of a RYT200 course from any school). Unique course which blends Yin and Yang yoga styles that will make your own practice more complete and enhance your career by enabling you to offer diverse yoga styles to your students.

  • Prenatal (Pregnancy) Yoga Teacher Training (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, RPYT)  (preparing you to teach safely yoga to pregnant women, for RYT200 graduates from any school) - 85h

  • Continued Education course: Yin Yoga Teacher Training (YACEP) and other specialty courses (see below).

This opens our graduates doors to a truly global career as a yoga teacher. Read a blog where our students share their career paths after graduating from our courses. You can also watch video testimonials about our yoga teacher training courses here.

Our courses are for you if you:

  • wish to share yoga practice with others

  • love working with people

  • are independent and wish to be able to sequence your own classes

  • want to learn about practical anatomy to make sure your teachings are safe and beneficial

  • love to meet people from different life paths and nationalities who are passionate about yoga

  • explore non-physical aspects of yoga such as pranayama and meditation

  • reflect on your life’s purpose and your behavior via classical yogic scriptures

  • develop an engaging personal practice for a healthy body and peaceful mind

  • begin or develop an exciting career and turn your passion into a profession

This is what you get when you decide to study with us:


  1. Focus on quality: 100% experiential learning of all taught concepts and techniques of traditional yoga. We don’t let you blindly rely on our words or the words of ancient scriptures – the course is based entirely on practical assignments which lead to personal experiences. The theory and philosophy of yoga are carefully selected to deepen your own practice and help you form your own opinion about some key modern concepts and debates in yoga. We don’t want to train your memory or convince you to stiff doctrines. We provide diverse, but not exhaustive theory and philosophy training.

  2. Small batches (7-10 students in most locations) and over 300 graduates from all over the world.

  3. 168 contact hours with Lead E-RYT Trainers in the 200h course and 270h in the 300h course, as compared to about 110h in most TTCs!

  4. We will share with you the cutting-edge scientific discoveries in anatomy and research on yoga, so that you can work with human bodies in a responsible way. We don’t require that you learn anatomical terms by heart – we have developed a totally practical module which will be indispensable in your daily practice.

  5. International E-RYT faculty with a combined experience of over 20,000 teaching hours and a range of backgrounds. We will give you exposure to diverse yoga traditions and styles in which we are experienced, such as: Hatha Yoga (Bihar School of Yoga, Shivananda, S-VYASA, etc.) Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga with Props, Acro Yoga etc. We believe in a human-centric approach to yoga where the individual comes before brand names and dogmas. That's why we blend the best of these traditions in our methodology. We ensure that you have a complete knowledge of all authentic yoga practices such as pranayama, mudra and meditation, not just asana.

  6. We want you to inspire your students to transform their lives. We will give you tools which will help you discover that spark of inspiration inside you. Listen to your own story first, before you can open your eyes and ears to the stories inside your students.

  7. Our 200 and 300 RYT courses are suitable for people who value independence in designing their personal practice and creative classes. There is substantial information in the course which will require your full focus during the training. Therefore, we do not offer weekend/part-time courses.

  8. We offer yoga teacher training courses in South India - the land where modern Hatha yoga was revived. The contact with a tropical climate and local culture will help you live a more authentic and holistic learning experience.

The yoga therapy components of our courses are based on our non-YAR credential or other qualification, not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.

More video testimonials can be watched here and read here.

Yin Yoga teacher training courses and other Continued Education Hours


We also offer complementary courses for yoga teachers, practitioners and people passionate about other mind-body disciplines. When indicated, they are recognized by Yoga Alliance as Continuing Education (CE) Hours for Registered Yoga Teachers.


  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training (30h, YACEP) - introduction to a meditative yoga practice that heals mind and body. This course also constitutes a module of our TTC300 in 5 Elements Yoga.

  • Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (80h, non-Yoga Alliance credential) - a blend of modern psychology and yoga

  • Thai Yoga Massage, Acro Yoga, Vinyasa, Yoga Anatomy etc. - Complementary Courses for Yoga Teachers, Fitness and Pilates instructors, Physiotherapists etc. usually 30-80h, CE.


Please read below for dates and write to us to receive a course syllabus. To learn more about Yoga and Healing, read our text and visit the website o the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Schedule of Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Kraków, Poland, Goa, India and in Asia


For each yoga course, dates listed below represent separate, complete batches (you only need to attend one batch) - all residential courses are intensives with about 6-9h of classes a day.

Online (due to COVID-19) - all Yoga Alliance-accredited courses are currently available in a fully online format, as well as as residential courses. You can choose between the two options.

You can follow the course at your own pace from recordings starting from any time - you need to complete all assignments and tests online. If you prefer to join live, below are the dates:

  • RYT 200h Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Course (Hatha / Vinyasa Yoga) TTC200

    • Online: any time - from recordings

    • Goa, India: February 2022 - residential

    • Kraków, Poland: spring/summer 2021 - residential

  • RYT 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (5 Elements Yoga: Yin, Somatics, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mindfulness) TTC300 - for graduates of any TTC200

    • Online: 14 November-31 December 2020 (weekends 7am-5pm CEST) or any time from recordings

Intensive daily course, modular participation is possible:

1. Yin Yoga, Myofascial Meridians, Yin Yoga Philosophy: 4 days

2. Anatomy of the bones, muscles, fascia and stretching methods. Alignment and modifications of postures in Vinyasa: 7 days

3. Vinyasa Sequencing, Teaching Methodology, Somatic Yoga: 13 days

4. Pranayama, Mindfulness, Yoga Philosophy: 5 Elements Yoga principles and practice,

Business of Yoga: 8 days

  • Goa, India: March 2022 - residential

  • Kraków, Poland: summer 2021 - residential

  • Yin Yoga Training Course for Yoga Practitioners,  Teachers, Fitness and Pilates instructors, Physiotherapists, 30h, (also a module of the TTC300) YACEP

    • Online: any time - from recordings

    • Kraków, Poland: 24-27 October 2020: 7am-5pm CEST - residential and fully online

    • Bangalore, India:  November 2021 - residential

    • Kraków, Poland: summer 2021 - residential

  • Pregnancy (Prenatal) and Fertility Yoga Teacher Training Course, RPYT, 85h (for TTC200 graduates or professionals with equivalent qualifications)

    • Online: 30 Oct - 1 Nov and 13 - 15 Nov 2020: 7am-5pm CEST - fully online (an optional residential session in Kraków is possible if there is demand) or any other time - from recordings:


All dates of our yoga courses in Europe and India are published on this site and also here and are always up to date. Please use the contact form to request a syllabus, make your reservation and to transfer the deposit.


We typically offer intensive-format courses because we believe that complete immersion in the yoga practice can bring precious experiences that cannot be attained in part-time or weekend courses. However, yoga is not only about a flexible body, but also about flexible mind! In exceptional cases, we can allow modular participation, i.e. splitting your 200 or 300h training across two or more batches.


We are happy to teach yoga in new locations! Please let us know if you wish to host our training courses in your venue or help us organize one in your area!

Make your reservation or ask for prices and syllabi

Daily yoga practice with international faculty focused on quality of education. Earn your Yoga Alliance diploma for global recognition.

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Investment in Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Europe and India


Please use the form to instantly receive information about the investment and to make your reservation and transfer the deposit.


There are many ideas how to raise funds for your yoga teacher training course. E.g. you can find an accompanying person on Internet fora or Facebook groups etc and get a discount. The unemployed can obtain financial aid from their job office (please contact your regional office, in Polish 'urząd pracy'). Also, one of our students raised the entire tuition fee through a crowd-sourcing platform.


We can offer accommodation to a limited number of participants!


When comparing the costs of yoga training courses please keep in mind that our batches are very small: a maximum of 8 students per class in Krakow and around 10 in other locations. We strongly believe that an authentic, personal approach to each student is essential and we encourage small groups in all yoga classes. This is how yoga has been taught traditionally. Also, there are not hidden costs: all necessary modules, handouts and certification are included in the course fee.


When you sign up for more than one course with us, you will receive a discount.

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Apply for Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Poland and India.


Follow your passion and build a successful global career. To apply for Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Europe and India please use the contact form or fill in this questionnaire. We will answer with booking details.


If you have any questions about the TTC, please use the contact form on this page.

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