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The foundation of learning yoga lies in a personal relationship between the student and the teacher.


Yoga is a mind-body discipline that was developed by philosophers concerned with the challenge of eliminating suffering from human life. As such, it is compatible with all religions and world-views  and can be practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels.


In our school we value personal approach. We apply an ancient Indian philosophy which says that both animate and inanimate worlds, including human mind, are formed by interplay of the five basic elements (sans. pancha maha bhuta): earth, water, fire, air and space. Thus the name of our school – 5 Elements.


Each of us is different and has a different constitution of these five elements. Their imbalance can lead to physical or psychological disturbances, or simply hampers our ability to realize our full potential in life. One of the aims of yoga practice is to balance our own elements.


Our teachers will help you establish which of the practices and ways of practicing yoga are right for you, in a given time of your life. This reflects the true spirit of yoga, which over thousands of years of its existence has been practiced to achieve diverse goals, by different people and in different ways.


Our classes are designed to balance your own elements. Each class is marked with its dominant element, e.g. a vigorous, dynamic class which burns a lot of calories and stimulates your motivation will be marked with the fire element. A picture below illustrates the main characteristics of the five elements.

You can experience some of our classes with Vinay here

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subtle, subject to constant expansion


unstable, gives motion, undirected


stabilizing, constant, rooting, regenerating


cooling, flowing, soothing, adaptive


hot, intense,

directed, transforming


International TTC - RYT200 level. Inspire your students to transform their lives.

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Yoga aligned with you, not with brands and trademarks.


We believe that it's the individual, not a given style or tradition of yoga, that should be in the center of your practice. That's why most of our classes are a blend of various yoga traditions, such as:


  • Hatha yoga,

  • Vinyasa,

  • Core Strenght Vinyasa,

  • Hot yoga,

  • Power yoga,

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa,

  • Yin yoga,

  • Restorative yoga,

  • Somatic Yoga (inspired by Feldenkrais somatic education)

  • Yoga with props, inspired by the BKS Iyengar style,

  • Bihar School of Yoga,

  • Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA),

  • Acro yoga (acrobatic yoga, partner yoga),

  • Face Yoga


and many others.

What further distinguishes our approach to yoga?

  • We refrain from an excessive focus on a ‘handbook’ alignment that is based on straight lines, defined angles and rigidity. We encourage adaptive and spontaneous self-adjustments which can be aided by conscious breathing. Spiral movements, and pulsation are signs of life.

  • We believe that there is no one, ideal version of any posture. Rather, asanas are templates that encourage you to explore the potential of your body, connect to your breath and expand consciousness.

  • The balance of flexibility and strength is the cornerstone of hatha yoga. Therefore, we do not overemphasize stretching that places flexibility as the main goal of yoga practice.

  • We think that yoga props can be of great help, as long as a student is not dependent them entirely and the props don’t over-complicate the practice. We believe everyone should aim at being able to use or forgo props, at any stage of their practice.

  • We incorporate elements of pranayama and meditation into each yoga class. We think that a yoga practice that is purely physical misses the holistic approach that distinguishes yoga from exercise.

In our Yoga Teacher Training Courses, specialize in Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga as well as in yoga anatomy and somatics (body work methods that emphasize inner experience)


We offer group and personal classes designed according to the five elements described above, but also specialty classes for sport professionals (golf players, runners etc.), dancers and so on.


We also offer special Yoga Therapy sessions, cleansing practices (kriyas), and prenatal/postnatal yoga as well as yoga for couples trying to conceive.


Our teachers are trained and experienced in all above yoga methods.


In our studio in Krakow you can also buy Manduka mats, yoga props and original mat bags from India.

Authentic yoga for the body, breath and mind.


Authentic yoga practice integrates work with both the body and the mind. Breath is a bridge which joins these two dimensions of our being. Neglecting one of these three components usually leads to disturbed homeostasis in our functioning. That is why all our yoga classes integrate body positions (asanas), breath exercises (pranayama) and meditation practices. We have over 14 years of experience practicing various types of meditation (Bihar School of Yoga, Yoga Nidra, S-VYASA etc.) and visualization/imagery.


Yoga Therapy gives your health back into your own hands.


Yoga philosophy says that human beings exist in five dimensions (sans. pancha kosha): body, energy, mind, intellect and universal consciousness. Both the states of health and disease may have their reflections in these five levels. Individual Yoga Therapy sessions will help you work on all these sheaths of existence, in order to accelerate your return to better health. Read more about Yoga Therapy on the website of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Yoga Therapy is a holistic complementary healing modality, with a growing body of scientific evidence to back up its efficacy. The most commonly studied applications of Yoga Therapy are:

  • reduction of stress and stress-related disorders,

  • neurologial disorders, such as MS, chronic fatigue,

  • Quality of Life during and after chemotherapy,

  • weight loss,

  • chronic pain,

  • depression,

  • high blood pressure,

  • insomnia,

  • joint and muscular disorders,

  • asthma,

  • menstrual disorders

and many more. Get in touch with us to discuss further if you could benefit from Yoga Therapy.


Our yoga therapy credentials are not derived from our Yoga Alliance training or register, but from other qualifications described in the Teachers tab. Yoga may not be a recognized therapeutic modality in your country. Please consult your doctor when considering yoga for healing.

Certain disorders are a counter-indication for group yoga classes. Please inform us about your health before all classes.

Yoga therapy
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