"Support personal growth, build community, evolve teaching methods."


We are committed to training yoga teachers in the highest attainable standards. These are the three pillars of our mission:


  1. An individual, not a brand name or dogma, is at the center of our work. We believe that in order to discover your true nature, you need to practice mind-body disciplines in a personalised way. That is why we offer yoga courses that embrace complementary yoga styles such as Hatha (asana, pranayama, medittion), Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation, as well as somatics (mind-body methods that emphasize inner experience).

  2. We want to build an inclusive community of practitioners and we pursue charity programs. To support us financially or in kind, please get in touch with us! Our yoga teacher training courses graduates create a community through a blog where they describe their diverse career paths.

  3. We are firmly grounded in evidence-based yoga practice. We constantly innovate to assure 100% experiential learning and to align the ancient traditions of yoga and Thai massage with the latest discoveries of modern science. Our teachers are members of major international organizations for yoga teachers (Yoga Alliance, US), yoga therapists (International Association of Yoga Therapists) and Thai massage therapists (Thai Healing Alliance International). This ensures world-class quality of services and international recognition of our Teacher Training Programs.


The yoga therapy components of our training are based on our non-YAR credential, not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Masaż tajski, misami tybetańskimi w Krakowie
Joga, hatha, power, vinyasa, yin, terapia jogą, core, Kraków
Joga, hatha, power, vinyasa, yin, terapia jogą, core, Kraków
Yoga Therapy Krakow
Masaż tajski, misami tybetańskimi w Krakowie
joga, terapia tańcem, masaże

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joga krakow

Szymon J., PhD, E-RYT500 - Founder of the school.




"Be yourself, do yoga" is my motto. I believe that in order to discover your true nature, you should practice yoga in a way that is aligned with your personality and needs. I will guide you on that journey, whether you like a dynamic practice  which detoxes your body and mind or you prefer to inhabit each posture for longer and achieve meditative stillness. In my classes, I balance physical and subtle aspects of yoga and I combine ancient techniques with modern scientific knowledge.

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Szymon has a PhD in Life Sciences from Institut Curie, Paris and many years of work experience in the healthcare sector. However, his passion for work with people and for Global Health led him to India. He worked on a volunteering mission co-financed by the French government and a foundation for the advancement of science in developing countries. This project led to several publications in international scientific journals. During that time he also deepened his knowledge and practice of yoga, dance therapy and Thai massage.


He studied in India with several teachers from various traditions for 6 years and over 2000 hours and he obtained diplomas of a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Thai massage therapist. Szymon has led over 7,000 hours of private and group classes for people with various needs, including the blind and people with mental disability, as well as yoga therapy and prenatal(pregnancy) yoga sessions. His students ranged from yoga lovers and people with health problems to senior managers of multinational corporations looking to cope with stress more effectively. Prior to his stay in India, he practiced various meditation methods for 14 years.


In work with students, Szymon values constant dialogue and adaptation of practices to individual needs. He believes that the practice of yoga and somatic therapy should serve us to connect with our true nature. Szymon is also the main creator of the syllabus of RYT Teacher Training Courses in the school. His scientific background combined with over a decade of meditation practice has enabled him to create a unique program which blends ancient traditions of yoga with cutting-edge scientific discoveries. He believes that all concepts can be learned through experimentation and self-discovery, rather than through memorizing and intellectualizing.


The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my Yoga Therapy Diploma from Aayana Yoga Academy, Bangalore, other internships and on certification as a somatic psychotherapist in progress in the standards of the European Association for Psychotherapy, not derived from my status as an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Vinay Jesta, E-RYT500 - Director of International Teacher Training Courses




Yoga is the path that leads you to be a healthier and better version of yourself. Everyone has their calling to practice Yoga and I am here to help them by sharing my knowledge and experience. Through Yoga, one can achieve a healthy body, peaceful mind and redirect their energy inwards for self-study (Svadhyaya). I love Inspiring people to make Yoga a part of their lives with my classes and workshops and courses, and this is what I find most rewarding.

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Vinay is an experienced Yoga teacher (E-RYT500) from India with over 12,500 instruction hours. Growing up in India he had a very easy access to Yoga, as most of the people around him practised some kind of the practice, such as Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga, and not only as asana. Vinay's journey into Yoga began at a very young age as his parents introduced him to the practice, mainly through pranayama and meditation. Yoga was also a part of his school activities, with his first teacher being from the Satyananda tradition. He later continued his journey with teachers from different lineages. He discovered Vinyasa form of Yoga in 2010 as a practice that allows blending the knowledge of alignment with synchronised breathing and movement. To be able to flow with total awareness of alignment requires one to be completely mindful and this is the aspect of Vinyasa practice he loves the most. He did his Teacher Training course in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga but his quest for knowledge took him to study with various teachers in different parts of India and abroad. Alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga is his true love and his teaching style is often called by students as very “natural” and “playful” because he has been immersed in Yoga since early childhood and has witnessed the multifaceted nature of Yoga which is not dogmatic. Vinay also teaches Yin Yoga to Balance the energetic aspects of Vinyasa Yoga and AcroYoga, he is the only certified Level 2 AcroYoga Teacher from India. Vinay strongly believes that Yoga is for everyone, whether you are a spiritual seeker or a fitness enthusiast what matters the most is the Intention.

In India, he led personal and group classes, as well as mass yoga events (with over 100 participants). He also organized workshops and outstation yoga retreats. You can watch Vinay's yoga videos on our Youtube channel or practice with his videos available on sale.


Meet our teachers



Our charity work has been featured by the Give Back Yoga foundation.


Our founder has been involved in various charitable and volunteering yoga projects for several years. He leads yoga classes for people in difficult financial situation and with special-needs populations. Click on each of the icons to the left, to read articles about his work.


Further, graduates of our Teacher Training Courses volunteer with locally chosen, special-needs populations, as a part of their certification process.


We believe in building an inclusive community of yoga practitioners and we reach out to the most disenfranchised populations.


We encourage interested organizations which host such people and also donors to get in touch with us.



More video testimonials about our yoga teacher training courses can be watched here.
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More video testimonials about our yoga teacher training courses can be watched here.

Manoj Sundaram

Bangalore, India

Sometimes, things just workout and there is no way of explaining such situations. All you have to do is accept and believe you deserve it. Such was my experience at 5 Elements - International School of Yoga and Movement .

Ever since I fell in love with yoga, all I wanted to do was to teach more people about it. Finding the right school was of utmost importance because the mode of basic knowledge imparted to one makes the difference in becoming good at anything. 5 Elements International Schools of Yoga and Movement provides you with that solid foundation to teach yoga confidently to your students. 

The technicality Vinay brings in understanding the asanas and the depth in knowledge Szymon possess not only deepens your understanding of yoga but makes you a better teacher too. 

Deeply rooted in ancient knowledge mixed with modern scientific knowledge and methodology, 5 Elements International School of Yoga and Movement is the place to go if you want to blossom into a wonderful teacher.

Leah M. Gooch

New York, USA

The art of weaving together content and energy during a yoga teacher training is akin to a ballet performace. It is a dance that requires an immense amount of preparation prior to the performance and awareness and patience during. In addition to putting on the show, TTC requires that the students understand much of the behind the scenes work because they too are preparing to put on their own performance as well.
A delicate balance must be maintained in order to move through the required content as the days unfold and sustain momentum and positive energy. Szymon and Vinay achieved this balance gracefully as they are extraudinary compliments to eachother and know their content impecibly.
I am grateful for the previous student testimonals which was the deciding factor for me to attend this course.

Aleksandra Jarmolik


Szymon and Vinay, thank you for the great course!

Going through your 21 days yoga teacher course was like reading the best book.

Would I do the same course again? YES!

During the course I was transitioned to a mental and physical state, I did not want to leave.

I was challenged and inspired. I was pushed to my limits and recharged with fresh energy.

Would I recommend the course to others? YES! With the highest notes on the quality of teaching and the focus on students.

Besides teaching anatomy and perfect alignments, your teach how to be careful, patient, observant and accepting. You open a wider perspective on yoga. 

You give enough time and create enough space during lectures and practice to listen and to discuss, to clarify any question, to try and fail, to analyze mistakes and correct them. 

I admired your observation skills and how you adjusted the teaching tempo to our, the students, actual mental and physical state and endurance.

Theoretical and practical parts had a perfect flow, because you teach from your hart and you focus on students and their progress.

Thanks you for sharing your knowledge and experience!

You have my highest respect and gratitude.

I would love to be back to your school one day and I hope I will be back for your other courses  :)

Magdalena Sokalska


It's been already 3 months since I've finished Yin Yoga course with Szymon and Vinay, and I can still fell inspiration and kind of new approach to my body and yoga-practise in generall, which they gave me as a teachers. It really changed my every day life, gave me a knowlege and "direction" which helps to be more balanced in my every day, intense and full of activities life. The course was held in small group, both Szymon and Vinay were very patient, cheerfull and open, always ready to treat serious every small problem ar question we had in the group. I felt like home there in Krakow with them. I highly recommed everyone to try and take part in their courses.

Melanie Mi


The 200hr Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course that I attended at the 5 Elements - International School of Yoga in Portugal was excellent. The course covered an extensive curriculum of theory and physical Yoga practice. Vinay and Szymon are gifted teachers. Knowledgeable and patient. They helped me learn, and practise and gain confidence in my ability to become a Yoga Teacher. The class size was small and we each got considerable encouragement to help us complete this challenging course. I feel very grateful to have chosen the 5 Elements - International School of Yoga.

Lisa van Driel


In July 2017 I did my 200 HR Hatha/Vinyasa TTC here. I didn't really know what to expect when I travelled to Krakow, but I couldn't have had a better experience. Vinay and Szymon are both great teachers and there was a great atmosphere throughout the whole TTC. I also appreciated that they have knowledge of both the practice of traditional yoga and also a more scientific approach of yoga. I swear I'm not a bot who just posts positive reviews, Im just a person who had a great time and learnt a lot. Thank you Vinay and Szymon for a great TTC

Barbara Bobrowska

Poland, Oman

The 300hrs of Yin, Vinyasa, Somatic, Mindfulness and Pranayama course gives you tools to balance your own 5 Elements and prepares for teaching Yoga to others with awareness and confidence.


Szymon and Vinay are very professional, patient and wise teachers, sharing their experience and passion with open hearts, sharp minds and mindfulness, always open to adjust and one step ahead of the course participants needs.
It is not easy to find an advanced yoga course that will see the practice and teaching of Yoga in a really holistic way, as it is such an insightful and wide topic that one can get easly lost following one tradition or style only. Each of us is an individual with different needs, that constantly change.


Brussels, Belgium

As a beginner yoga teacher (only three year teaching experience), I like to nourrish myself of new experiences and to be a student again....I really appreciated the 30-hrs yin yoga training that I attended with Szymon and Vinay in Poland. I particularly would like to emphasize their professionalism and I enjoyed the small group we were allowing everybody to feel cared about. Thanks to the self-confidence they insuflated to me, I have developed yin yoga classes in Brussels and I really feel that I am teaching a more respectful yoga for the body and soul considering each person as an individuality and allowing even elderly people (using props and chairs) to enjoy the benefits of yoga. All my gratitude to my teachers ....

Namasté !

Magdalena Ostrowska-Dołęgowska


I really appreciate the time I've spent on that course. Generally. I enjoyed the schedule, knowlegde that teachers shared with us and - maybe it's the most important - the ways they shared that knowledge. I'm glad I did the course in this partuicular school. I really like their approach - it's not stiff and rigid, but features a lot of flexibility (just exactly like yoga should!) and broad knowledge, including anatomy. And also, appealing to students' imagery while teaching is the best thing in the world. We've spent a lot of time working with groups with the knowlegde we've received - just to understand it, not only to learn in by heart. The atmosphere was great, practice amazing. I also appreciate discussions about books of yoga, after presentations we, students, all did. And movies we've seen together. I'll deffinitely come back in the future to learn more from Szymon and Vinay.

Mateja Kreuh


I attended Yin Yoga Training in Krakow and I felt amazing after the first morning class we had with Vinay. I liked very much how he presented the Yin asanas, modifications. Also, Szymon's Yin Yoga theory was very clearly explained, I learned a lot! So I recommend this training to all who wish to deepen the knowledge of yoga in general and get to know the gentle side of yoga and deepen the feeling of how Yoga is supposed to feel like after a deep relaxation which is present throughout the whole class. Thank you Szymon and Vinay. And also thanks to all the wonderful people I met along the course. :-)

Hannamari Uotila


The Yin Yoga Teacher Training was very inspiring and well organized. Szymon and Vinay are great teachers and wonderful people. I went home with a lot of knowledge about the asanas and how to design and teach a balanced yin yoga class. I highly recommend the training!