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joga, terapia tańcem, masaże

Corporate training programs that give meaning


Are you looking for a corporate training program in Krakow that is not only fun for your employees, but also gives them new skills that can improve their productivity and satisfaction at work?


Our corporate trainings are all about this. Szymon and Vinay have experience working for MNCs and start-ups. They have successfully lead personal and group training sessions for high level management and blue collar employees of companies such as Goldman Sachs, Dell, Caterpillar, Accenture etc.


That's why we know the challenges of these work environments: from health issues resulting from working in front of computer all day, to high stress levels related to work at  positions with high-responsibility.


Discover the wealth of Eastern Wisdom for your company


Authentic yoga practice consists of physical, breath and relaxation exercises, as well as intellectual approaches to understanding our thoughts and emotions. As a result, we gain greater control over our body, mind and emotions. Our training program is based on group and self- practice that is a basis for exchange of experiences and learning.


Yoga is a holistic system of mind-body work, that influences many planes of our existence: intellectual, physical, breath and emotions. In contrast to systems based on only one dimension, the multi-faceted yoga method makes personal and group changes easier to accomplish and more permanent.


Fully experiential training programs in formats adapted to your needs


We offer trainings on three main themes:

  • Prevention and self-management of chronic pain (back, wrist, neck etc.)

  • Stress reduction, Mindfulness and Positive Emotions

  • Relation building and team building


Trainings are in three main formats, in your own location or in our school at Meissnera street in Krakow:


  • One-day group or individual training

  • Regular (1-2 times a week) group or individual sessions

  • Outstation training retreats (2-7 days), near Krakow or international


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