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joga, terapia tańcem, masaże



joga, terapia tańcem, masaże, kraków
joga, terapia tańcem, masaże, kraków
joga, terapia tańcem, masaże, kraków




Masaż tajski, misami tybetańskimi w Krakowie
Joga, hatha, power, vinyasa, yin, terapia jogą, core, Kraków
Joga, hatha, power, vinyasa, yin, terapia jogą, core, Kraków
Masaż tajski, misami tybetańskimi w Krakowie
Joga, hatha, power, vinyasa, yin, terapia jogą, core, Kraków

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Meet our TTC Faculty


Szymon J., PhD, E-RYT500 - Founder of the school.



"Be yourself, do yoga" is my motto. I believe that in order to discover your true nature, you should practice yoga in a way that is aligned with your personality and needs. I will guide you on that journey, whether you like a dynamic practice  which detoxes your body and mind or you prefer to inhabit each posture for longer and achieve meditative stillness. In my classes, I balance physical and subtle aspects of yoga and I combine ancient techniques with modern scientific knowledge.

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Szymon has a PhD in Life Sciences from Institut Curie, Paris and many years of work experience in the healthcare sector. However, his passion for work with people and for Global Health led him to India. He worked on a volunteering mission co-financed by the French government and a foundation for the advancement of science in developing countries. This project led to several publications in international scientific journals. During that time he also deepened his knowledge and practice of yoga, dance therapy and Thai massage.


He studied in India with several teachers from various traditions for 6 years and over 2000 hours and he obtained diplomas of a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Thai massage therapist. Szymon has led over 7,000 hours of private and group classes for people with various needs, including the blind and people with mental disability, as well as yoga therapy and prenatal(pregnancy) yoga sessions. His students ranged from yoga lovers and people with health problems to senior managers of multinational corporations looking to cope with stress more effectively. Prior to his stay in India, he practiced various meditation methods for 14 years.


In work with students, Szymon values constant dialogue and adaptation of practices to individual needs. He believes that the practice of yoga and somatic therapy should serve us to connect with our true nature. Szymon is also the main creator of the syllabus of RYT Teacher Training Courses in the school. His scientific background combined with over a decade of meditation practice has enabled him to create a unique program which blends ancient traditions of yoga with cutting-edge scientific discoveries. He believes that all concepts can be learned through experimentation and self-discovery, rather than through memorizing and intellectualizing.


The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my Yoga Therapy Diploma from Aayana Yoga Academy, Bangalore, other internships and on certification as a somatic psychotherapist in progress in the standards of the European Association for Psychotherapy, not derived from my status as an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Vinay Jesta, E-RYT500 - Co-founder, Director of International Teacher Training Courses


Yoga is the path that leads you to be a healthier and better version of yourself. Everyone has their calling to practice Yoga and I am here to help them by sharing my knowledge and experience. Through Yoga, one can achieve a healthy body, peaceful mind and redirect their energy inwards for self-study (Swadhyaya). I love Inspiring people to make Yoga a part of their lives with my classes and workshops and courses, and this is what I find most rewarding.

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Vinay is an internationally acclaimed Yoga Teacher with over a decade of teaching experience, leading Yoga Teacher Training Programmes and workshops in India, Europe and across the globe.

Growing up in India he had very easy access to yoga as most of the people around him practised some kind of practice, such as Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yoga, and not only asana.

Vinay's journey into Yoga began at a very young age as his parents introduced him to the practice, mainly through pranayama and meditation. Yoga was also a part of his school activities, with his first teacher being from the Satyananda tradition. He later continued his journey with teachers from different lineages. He discovered Vinyasa form of Yoga in 2010 as a practice that allows blending the knowledge of alignment with synchronised breathing and movement. To be able to flow with total awareness of alignment requires one to be completely mindful and this is the aspect of Vinyasa practice he loves the most.
Alignment-based Vinyasa Yoga is his true love and his teaching style is often called by students as very “natural” and “playful” as he has been immersed in Yoga since early childhood and has witnessed the multifaceted nature of Yoga which is not dogmatic.

Vinay also teaches Yin Yoga to balance the energetic aspects of Vinyasa Yoga and AcroYoga to bring in some more playfulness and community aspect into the practice. Vinay  is the only certified Level 2 AcroYoga Teacher all over India.

Vinay strongly believes that Yoga is for everyone, whether you are a spiritual seeker or a fitness enthusiast. There is no judgement in Yoga, it’s truly inclusive.

In India, he led personal and group classes, as well as mass yoga events (with over 100 participants). He also organized workshops and outstation yoga retreats. You can watch Vinay's yoga videos on our Youtube channel or practice with his videos available on sale.

Sudeepta Shanbhag, MSc, E-RYT500 - Guest TTC Faculty


​Sudeepta began her yoga journey in her teens exploring the asana practice. Over the years her learning journey guided her to meditation and pranayama. She is a mother to energetic twin boys who help her appreciate the practice of sitting in stillness. She has completed her 200 and 300 hour trainings at Yoga Alliance certified Charm City Yoga Studio in Baltimore, USA under the guidance of Kim Manfredi who has herself studied under several traditions. Sudeepta completed Level 1 and 2 training in yoga for special needs through Prafull Oorja and currently is the lead trainer for Prafull Oorja. She has also completed a 200 hr teacher training in Yoga Nidra under Swami Yogaratna Saraswati.

Sudeepta previously had a decade long career as a bio-mechanical researcher and engineer in addition to business analysis. During her MS at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, she was also actively involved in teaching engineering concepts to K-12 (elementary through high school) students and teachers. She is an avid birdwatcher, terrace gardener and nature traveler. She teaches classes for special needs, both children and adults, to address mobility and behavioural issues in addition to asana and yoga nidra classes.  She practices and teaches yoga in all forms, from the traditional hatha classes with long holds to the more flow based vinyasa style depending on the need of the students. 

Sushma Sooda, MSc, E-RYT500 - Guest TTC Faculty


Sushma is a professional Yoga Therapist and a certified Power yoga and Yin Yoga instructor. Sha has also trained in Acro Yoga and Therapy Counseling. She was introduced to yoga at the age of 21. With the passage of time she realized the importance of health and dove herself deep into years of education and practice of yoga. This became a turning point in her life. She completed  an MSc in Yoga Therapy from Kasturaba Medical College, Manipal.

As a strong Agni person, she projects shakti and my genre lies in Power yoga and therapeutic yoga. She is well versed in providing therapy for various chronic disorders as BP, Diabetes, Asthma, obesity, hormonal & nervous disorders etc. She swears by the famous quote "Yoga can be part of anyone’s lifestyle, during any time, and at any age, in any condition, yoga meets and supports you exactly where you are."

Shruthi Jain, MBA, E-RYT500 - Guest TTC Faculty


With more than 13K followers on Instagram, ​Shruthi is a 500-hour certified yoga trainer, who engages people in their fitness journey through many different forms of yoga including prenatal and yin yoga. She is extremely passionate about fitness and helps people “become their best self and come home” by creating a sense of inner peace.

Shruti has been a long distance runner for over 12 years now and she qualified for the prestigious Boston Marathon in 2019. She has actively participated in several marathons and successfully finished with podium positions.

With over 10,000 hours of teaching experience, Shruthi regularly conducts yoga classes & workshops for corporate clubs like Capgemini, WeWork, H&M , New York Road Runners, Solutions Infini, Jayanagar Jaguars etc. Her fitness journey has been covered by several prestigious newspapers like Bangalore Times, blogs like The Yogi Talk, and e-magazines like Rajasthan Patrika. She holds an MBA and was chosen as one of the key speakers at Tata Consultancy Services & JITO Growth Summit 2018, Bangalore chapter, where she addressed a number of individuals and guided them to achieve their personal fitness goals.

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