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 Embark on your inner journey with us 

Here you can find the outline of our Online TTC300 Advanced course in 5 Elements Yoga (Yin, Somatics, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mindfulness) syllabus.

5 Elements - International School of Yoga and Movement is a place of learning and collaboration for yoga teachers and students from all around the world. We offer courses in Europe and India.

Upon completion of this yoga course, you will be eligible to register as a 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance, providing you hold a TTC200 certification already. This opens our graduates the doors to a truly global career as a yoga teacher. This unique course  blends Yin and Yang yoga styles that will make your own practice more complete and enhance your career by enabling you to offer diverse yoga styles to your students.

In our school, we value personal approach. We apply an ancient Indian philosophy which says that both animate and inanimate worlds, including human mind, are formed by the interplay of the five basic elements (sans. pancha maha bhuta): earth, water, fire, air and space. Thus, the name of our school is 5 Elements.


Each of us is different and has a different constitution of these five elements. Their imbalance can lead to physical or psychological disturbances or simply hampers our ability to realize our full potential in life. One of the aims of yoga practice is to balance our own elements.

The yoga practice should be designed to balance your own elements. In this 300h TTC in 5 Elements Yoga: Yin, Somatics, Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mindfulness, you will learn the art and science of teaching each of the five methods separately and also as a part of a balanced yoga class. This knowledge is essential because an unbalanced yoga practice can disturb both mental and physiological homoeostasis in a person.

The minimal requirement to join the course: TTC200 certificate from any RYS200 school.


This is course is for you if you:

  • prefer to study yoga online and obtain Yoga Alliance TTC300 certificate

  • enhance your career by enabling you to offer diverse yoga styles to your students

  • wish to study advanced yoga anatomy to make sure your teachings are safe and beneficial

  • are independent and wish to be able to sequence your own classes 

  • love to meet people from different life paths and nationalities who are passionate about yoga

  • explore non-physical aspects of yoga such as pranayama and meditation

  • develop an engaging personal practice for a healthy body and peaceful mind

  • advance your yoga teacher career

What distinguishes our approach to yoga?

  • We believe in a practice that is adapted to individual needs.

  • We refrain from an excessive focus on a ‘handbook’ alignment that is based on straight lines, defined angles and rigidity. We encourage adaptive and spontaneous self-adjustments which can be aided by conscious breathing.

  • We believe that there is no one, ideal version of any posture. Rather, asanas are templates that encourage you to explore the potential of your body, connect to your breath and expand consciousness.

  • The balance of flexibility and strength is the cornerstone of hatha yoga. Therefore, we do not overly emphasize stretching that places flexibility as the main goal of yoga practice.

  • We think that yoga props can be of great help, as long as a student is not dependent them entirely and the props don’t overly complicate the practice. We believe everyone should aim at being able to use or forgo props, at any stage of their practice.

  • We incorporate elements of pranayama and meditation into each yoga class. We think that a yoga practice that is purely physical misses the holistic approach that distinguishes yoga from exercise.


About the Syllabus

This course syllabus exceeds the Yoga Alliance minimal requirements for 300h Teacher Training Courses. Graduates will receive certificates which entitle them to register as 500 - Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) at providing you hold a TTC200 certification already. Teaching language and certificate language is English. Online certification is fully equivalent to in-person training and the certificate doesn't mention the online modality.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yoga Alliance has authorized schools to run all training courses entirely in the online mode for a couple of months. Therefore, we have brought our yoga TTC online. Online classes will be transmitted via the Zoom platform. You would need a smartphone or a computer to run the app, using a camera in your device can be very beneficial but is not required. If you cannot join us at the designated class hours for live streaming, you can still do classes from recordings. Below is the outline of the course syllabus.

Live course:

7 August - 5 Sept 2021, 7 am - 5 pm CEST (10:30 am - 8:30 pm IST) - In-person in Kraków, PL or online

You can also join the course at any time and follow the content at your own pace from recordings.

All assignments, tests and practicum are done on-line. The YA diploma is fully equivalent to in-person training and does not mention the on-line modality.

If you cannot join us live, you can also do the course from recordings.

You will receive recordings of the classes.

Read our FAQ section to learn more about the courses.

Schedules of stationary courses in Poland and partially online courses can be found here.

SPACE - Mindfulness

subtle, subject to constant expansion

AIR - Pranayama

unstable, elevates, spiritual

EARTH - Yin Yoga

stabilizing, constant, rooting, regenerating

WATER - Somatics

cooling, flowing, soothing, adaptive

FIRE - Vinyasa Yoga

hot, intense,

directed, transforming

Syllabus Outline:

  1. Yin Yoga.

  2. Somatics.

  3. Vinyasa.

  4. Pranayama.

  5. Mindfulness.

  6. Sequencing of postures in a class.

  7. Integration of yoga styles.

  8. Applied yoga anatomy.

  9. Yoga philosophy.

  10. Practicum.

  11. How to design and organise yoga workshops and courses.

  12. Optional modules

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