I got a yoga teacher job! :-)

I started teaching yoga after I graduated from the RYT200 Hatha/Vinyasa Course with 5 Elements - International School of Yoga & Movement in May 2017.


My first classes were with a friend who came to my house and we practiced together on the carpet. And next, I spoke to a girl who opened a yoga school at a place I had been attending for a year.

The place was just closing because my yoga teacher was going to live abroad permanently. I met this girl hoping to do an internship with her at first. But she immediately gave me two hours of classes a week, which after the first week evolved into three hours of classes!

Before the first class at the studio I was stressed all day, but the class worked out well :) I got my first yoga teacher job just 2 months after completing the 200RYT course.

Teaching gives me a lot of pleasure.

I'm glad I did the course for you. I really like your approach - it's not stiff and rigid, but features a lot of flexibility and broad knowledge, including anatomy. It still surprises me a lot that very few yoga teachers out there have this kind of practical anatomy skills! And also, appealing to students' imagery while teaching is the best thing in the world :-)

Thanks, once again. I will definitely come back to you. I hope next year, I will do the RYT 300 course with you!





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